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NOTE: 2019 Prizes and winning categories to be updated shortly

Your amazing efforts deserve recognition and prizes will be presented in a number of categories!

2019 Eureka Stair Climb Prizes  

Fastest Elite Climber - Male & Female:

Fastest Individual Climber - Male & Female:

Highest Individual Fundraiser: Stevens Road Bike (valued at over $2,000)

2nd Highest Individual Fundraiser:  

3rd Highest Individual Fundraiser:  


Emergency Services - all emergency services winners will receive a trophy plus:

Emergency Services Challenge - Fastest Male & Female Individual:  

Full Kit Challenge - Fastest Male & Female Individual:  

Corporate Challenge - both highest and fastest team will receive the 2019 Challenge Cup Trophy plus

Highest Fundraising Team*:   

Fastest Team**:                        

* Corporate Challenge Highest Fundraising team prize will be awarded to the team with the highest average amount raised per team member. i.e. A team with 7 participants raises $5,000 = average fundraising amount will be $714.30. Another team of 10 climbers raises $6,000, their average fundraising is $600.

** The fastest Corporate Challenge Team prizes will be determined by comparing the times of the FOURTH-finishing climber from each team

Best Dressed - Individual:  

Age winners - 12-18yrs, 19-29yrs, 30-39yrs, 40-49yrs, 50-59yrs, 60+

All age categories (both male and female) will receive a certificate and limited edition Fred Hollows Commemorative Medallion and Stamp 





Become A Fred Hollows Foundation 'Sight Superstar'

Sight Superstar status is a reward for the top fundraising individual climbers/walkers.

Climbers who raise at least $1000 qualify as a Sight Superstars and will be rewarded with:

  1. A 2019 limited edition Sight Superstar t-shirt (see below) when you collect your race bib. The bib will have a Sight Superstar sticker on it to identify you as a superstar fundraiser.
  2. After your climb, you're invited to join us for brunch with the other Superstars and VIPs in the VIP Marquee. This marquee is located on the Concourse opposite the climber start line. Note the brunch will include fruit, pasties and tea/coffee/juices so you can splurge a little on those carbs you burned during the climb!
  3. Your Sight Superstar status will give you 'Express Access' to a post-event massage. Simply head to the front of the queue at the massage tent in the concourse and you'll be moved to the next in line!
  4. Your name will be up in lights (or at least on our scrolling leaderboard!) 

All rewards and prizes are subject to change until event day

 If your organisation would like to donate a prize we’d love to hear from you! 

Contact our Fred Hollows Foundation Community Partnerships Manager here