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It's all about restoring sight

Every time I meet the people whose lives are changed because they can have their sight restored, I am motivated to want to do more.

Restoring sight doesn't just change the lives of the individual who is blind, it changes the lives of their whole family and often their community. It gives them hope for a better future and the chance to help break the cycle of poverty.

That's why I'm taking the small step up for sight.

A few days in and I've climbed more than 1100 steps, with almost 57,000 to go! But that's a small effort compared to the effort of parents of blind children who can't find or afford the help their kids need.

Thank you for your wonderful support. x

I'm stepping up to restore sight

Time to step up again to restore sight. 

I'm challenging myself to raise funds and awareness of avoidable blindness.

This time I'm going to climb the equivalent of Mt Everest - more than 58,000 stairs!

So if you want to support my climbing quest please consider a little donation and know you'll be restoring sight to someone who is needlessly blind.

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Stuart Mcleod

Good job


Mark A

Go Ali!


Colleen Whelan

Great effort Alison


Terri Ng

Awesome work as always Alfred! And such a great cause! Tezza & Sarah xx



way to go Ali!


Jason Bartlett

Allez !


Catherine Morgan

Alison you are amazing.


Robert Hill

You go girl!


Anna Howarth

You are incredible Al. Go girl! Xx


Wendy Siebrecht

You go girl 🥰💞


Steve Whelan

Great work Alison


Alison Hill



Step it up Hill


Stuart Corbishley

Brilliant job Al!


Gaye Burrows