Howard Mok

I'm stepping up to restore sight

I will take on the Eureka Stair Climb challenge on Sunday, 25 November and STEP UP TO RESTORE SIGHT!

This is Australia’s BIGGEST stair climb - 88 floors and 1,642 steps to the top of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne and I'm climbing to raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Over 25 million people are needlessly blind on this planet but a simple procedure for as little as $25 can restore their sight and change their lives.

Please support my climb by donating generously.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Peksoon Kwan

All the best Howard and send me a photo when you reach the top!


Michael Robertson

Good luck Mok! You're gonna need it!!!


William Kong

You go champ!


Hao Truong


David Ha

Go Mokkie!!



Don’t disappoint us 🤣 good luck!



Get off the couch now and continue your training !! 🤨


Vilay Phengrasmy


Davidov Architects

Good luck Howard. I hope it is a rewarding experience.


Ryvan Lim

Great effort Mr Mok!


Raffaele Camuglia

Bend your knees...and holding the hadrails is considered chetmating buddy. Good luck with it and good to see you supporting a great cause!!


Wani, Sash & Ari

Good Luck Mokkie


Will Choi

Refund if you don't make it to the top ahhh..... LOL


Carol Chan

Go Howard!


Matthew Kirkaldie

Go Howie. You can do it!


Shirley Chin


Kelami Ata

Remember Howard, I'm doubling my donation if you wear spandex - think of the kids!


Clara Anastasia

Sending ❤️ And strength to you from our family! Start moving those calves Mokie!!


Hao Lee

Good work Mokie!!


Thomas Puc


Rene Garcia

Go Jose’....


Sam Chiam

Go Howie!!! Your endless annoying messages have paid off, maybe consider becoming a Telemarketer? ;)


Michael Kats


Alexander Vlassopoulos

Best of luck Howard!



Good luck Howie! I wanna see the photo when u reach the top!


Corrinne Fong

Here you go. Stop harrassing me :P



I wanna see those calves after that climb! Good luck.


Adela Alexandra

Good luck Mok! 👍


Mitch Hunt


Jim Lim

Good luck