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We are stepping up to restore sight

We're taking on the Eureka Stair Climb challenge on Sunday, 17 November - STEPPING UP TO RESTORE SIGHT!

This is Australia’s BIGGEST stair climb - 88 floors and a combined 6,568 steps all the way to the top of the 297m high Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

Over 25 million people are needlessly blind on this planet but a simple procedure for as little as $25 will restore their sight and change their lives for ever.

We climb in support of The Fred Hollows Foundation. Every step counts, every dollar makes a difference. 

Thank you for your support!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Sam Wainer


Phillip Young

Run your hardest mate for one of the greatest charities & causes of our time.


Louise Meena

Good Luck! with the Eureka Stair Climb. I know you can do it! xx


Lisa & Peter

Go girl. Whip those legs along!!


Steve Power

Good one cobbers


Oliver Bennett


Leigh Simpson

Run up those steps hard and fast mate!!


Yvonne Kenyon

Go you


Jem & Dave Ryman

Go girl!!!!


Steve Mc

Yeah lad!


Elizabeth Turner

I’m sure you’ll do it easily! Great charity!


Sammie Greed

As always you will have no problems smashing this! Goodluck xo


Matt Dewaard

Good on you my friend


Liam Moore

Mitch remember take deep breaths and remember that we are here.. on the piss at your sisters birthday... a day to remember that your not getting any younger! Climb those stairs you old cunt!!! Wooo


Aaron Foster

Great cause Lucia, wish you all the best with those 1642 stairs and your rivalry with Mitch, im sure the banter has begun! What ever the outcome, Good luck to you and Mitch


Yvonne Kenyon

Go you


Kelly Clarke


Oscar And Charlie Dunlop


Lac And Alex Campbo

Noooice mate... good work!


Lapis Constructions Pty Ltd

You can do it!


Paul Den

Not bhed Liv. Not bhed at all.


Ewan Mackie

You rock!


Alex Kovacs

Hitting goals! Well done hero. We’re backing you the whole way.


Jordana Meena


Cameron Kirk

Love you yitch


Adele Moore

Gooooooo Lucia!


Rach Chard & Josh Swinton

You’re our hero Lucia!


Kathryn Wakelin

Well done Krispie xx


Luke Argerakus

Mother fucker


Jodie Susskind



Jimmy M

Go gettem!


Tom De Souza

Nice work Raf! I feel sorry for your legs the next day


Fen Bannister