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An important part of your Eureka Stair Climb challenge is to raise funds to support the work of The Fred Hollows Foundation. The minimum pledge is $50 per climber, an amount which can help restore sight for up to two people.

There are over 36 million blind people in the world today and sadly 4 out of 5 don’t need to be. The Foundation works tirelessly restoring sight to needlessly blind people in over 25 countries. A simple 10 minute procedure can restore sight and it can cost as little as $25!


Where to begin?

Fundraising can be simple, easy and fun.  Your personal fundraising webpage is automatically created with your registration.

  1. Kick start your fundraising by making a small contribution to yourself, showing your friends and family that you take this challenge seriously. Making a donation to yourself will encourage your supporters to follow suit and help you reach your goal.

  2. Send your personal page link to your entire network of family and friends and ask them to sponsor your climb in support of The Fred Hollows Foundation.

  3. Use one of the pre-prepared email templates - choose a template and simply add your link to your fundraising page 

  4. Invite your supporters to visit www.eurekastairclimb.org and search for your name under ‘Find a friend’


Set your goals!

Set yourself a personal fundraising goal and you may be on your way to win one of several great fundraising prizes. Remember it only takes $25 to restore someone’s sight. Did you know that if you….

  • Raise $1 for each floor you climb, the $88 will help train a Community Eye Health worker in Kenya, able to undertake eye screenings and referrals for years to come.

  • Ask for a dollar for each metre you climb up and the $297 can help pay for a school eye screening camp for 150 students in the Philippines. And it will earn you a cool and limited edition of the 2020 Eureka Stair Climb t'shirt. 

  • Reach $888 and you will have raised enough to fund a community eye screening camp for over 500 people in a village in Cambodia. 

  • Raise $1,642 for the total number of steps you climbed and pay for 6 months training of an Ophthalmic Nurse in Vietnam! You have now earned Sight Super Star status

Each of the above projects will have a lasting impact. Trained eye health workers and nurses can prevent hundreds of people from going blind for many years to come.



Personalise your Online Fundraising Page

Uploading your photo and letting people know why you're participating in the event on your fundraising page, personalises your connection to the cause and encourages people to donate.

Upload your profile picture now so your friends and family recognise you when they visit your page to support your efforts!

And don’t forget to share your page on Facebook and Twitter to reach as many of your friends as possible.

Use our email templates and send to family, friends and colleagues

This is the easiest way to fundraise! Simply copy and paste the sample email below and forward it to everyone in your address book.

Some hints when crafting your personal email

  • Make it personal - tell people why you're fundraising
  • Share your goal - let people know about your challenge and target
  • Don't wait to ask - do it early in the email
  • Include your page link in the email - so people know where to go to donate
  • Say thank you - let people know that you are grateful for their support

Sample email: 

'Dear xxxxx, 

On Sunday 15 November I will be climbing 297m or 88 floors (that’s 1,642 stairs!) to the Eureka Skydeck - the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere to raise money for The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Right now over 36 million people are blind on this planet, but did you know that 4 out of 5 blind people don't need to be and a simple 10 minute operation costing as little as $25 could restore their sight? That's why I am raising funds for this wonderful cause, so that these people get the treatment they so desperately need.

You can help me join the fight to end avoidable blindness and give the gift of sight. Simply click on the link to sponsor my climb [INCLUDE YOUR PERSONAL PAGE LINK HERE] All funds raised will go towards supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation's sight-restoring work across the world. 

Together, we can change lives. Thanks for your support - it is truly appreciated'

Contact your friends on Social Media - #eurekastairclimb

Post a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Update your friends on your training and fundraising by posting regular updates on your Facebook page and photos of your efforts on Instagram. When your followers see how hard you're working to make a difference - they are more likely to support you! 

Sample Facebook Post: 'Started training for this year's Eureka Stair Climb today! I managed to climb the stairs at the stunning Erskine Falls 4 times - that's almost 1000 done. Only 642 more to make it to the top of the Eureka Tower! While I ramp up my training to reach my goal, please think about supporting me and help restore sight to a needlessly blind person. $25 is all that is needed to change someone's life forever! You can donate via my personal fundraising page here [Include your personal page link here]

You can also post on our Eureka Stair Climb Facebook page and let the community know about your efforts.

Post regularly on our wall to let us know how your training is going! You can ask questions about training or share tips with fellow climbers. We'd like to know if you found any good stair locations to train on or have any questions about the day.

Tell your local community why you're climbing the Eureka Tower

Why are you entering the Eureka Stair Climb? What drives you to take on the challenge? Tell us your story and we'll help share your journey by contacting your local media and encourage people to donate to your challenge.

Let your workplace know

Many workplaces match the fundraising efforts of their staff. Talk to your boss or charity committee about getting involved or sharing your challenge story with staff and clients on the company website or staff intranet.

Contact us for any questions.

Promote yourself at the office or club - old style!

A simple, low tech way to promote your involvement in the Eureka Stair Climb is to put a poster in a 'high traffic' zone. Print out the poster from our fundraising resources page, write your name in the box and place the poster on the lunch room fridge or noticeboard!

Add a Eureka Stair Climb signature to your emails

Download our Eureka Email Signature Banner from our resources page, and add this to the base of your emails, before emailing to your network.

Need help?

Keep on fundraising once the event finishes.

You may be surprised as to how many donations may come after your climb, so don’t stop fundraising when your event is over! Email everyone you approached to tell them how your event went, and thank those who supported you. You might prompt a last minute donation from the ones who forgot.

Our Tally Day for fundraising prizes is on Sunday 22nd Nov 2020, and your fundraising page will remain open until end of 2020.

How to collect Donations

There are a range of ways to collect donation. Online through your fundraising page is easiest, by cash or by cheque.

If someone gives a cash donation, you may use your personal credit card to make an on-line donation to yourself, making sure you enter the donors' name and their email address. This way you don’t have to bank the cash, and the donor will receive a tax receipt immediately. If you don't have their email address (or they don't have one) you can use yours and print and give them the receipt.

For cheques, please make sure they are made out to The Fred Hollows Foundation and post it, including a note with your name and the Eureka Stair Climb, to The Fred Hollows Foundation, Reply Paid 84932, Alexandria, NSW 2015. Once we receive the donation, we will allocate the amount to your fundraising tally.

Don’t forget to say ‘Thank You’!

Make sure you send a big ‘thank you’ after your climb, to all the people who donated to you. Let everyone else know that you DID climb to the top of the Eureka Tower (include a photo) and invite them to donate to you now! 

Sample email to say thank you:

'Dear xxxxx, Last Sunday, I climbed to the top of Eureka Tower - that's 1,642 steps up 88 floors - in support of The Fred Hollows Foundation's sight restoring work. It was a tough challenge but worth every step to give the gift of sight to needlessly blind men, women and children across the world. 

Thanks to all my wonderful sponsors, your support kept me going to the top. 

If you haven't sponsored me yet, simply click on the following link to my fundraising page: [INCLUDE YOUR PERSONAL PAGE LINK HERE] You'll receive a tax-deductible receipt when you complete your donation. Thanks for your support - it is truly appreciated.'



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