Participants need to familiarise themselves with the information below - this will ensure a fun and safe event for all, thank you!

Please arrive at least 30-40 minutes prior to your nominated wave time to allow time to warm up and make any final preparations. If you have forgotten your wave time, please login to your account, and the time is on your personal dashboard.

Bib and Merchandise Collection

Participants can collect their race bib and purchased T-shirt or waterbottles in advance provided the minimum fundraising requirement has been met. Collection pre-event times are as following:

If you don't collect your bib in advance, you'll need to check in on event day and collect your bib at the registration tent at least 30 minutes prior to your start time! Any purchased merchandise can be collected anytime during the duration of the climb (7am to 1pm, Sunday, 15 November) please bring your receipt along, thank you.

Bag Drop

We suggest you allocate a friend to look after your belongings while climbing/walking. However, if this is not possible, your belongings can be left securely in the bag drop compound. Tear off the “bag compound” tag on your race bib and attach this to your personal belongings. To collect your belongings, you must present your race bib to match the bib tag.

Marshalling/Warm Up

* PLEASE NOTE WALKERS (UNTIMED) and CLIMBERS (TIMED) WILL CLIMB SEPARATE STAIRWELLS - Volunteers and signage will direct you to the correct start location.

It is important for all participants to marshall in their correct wave to reduce overcrowding and ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the day. The bib numbers will indicate to us your correct wave time and they must be visible as you enter the marshalling area. Fitness trainers will conduct a fun, quick warm up routine for your wave before the climb. Following this, participants will be ushered to the start line area where they will be released into the stairwells one at a time or with their teams to minimise congestion on the stairs.

Whether a Climber or a Walker, participants will notice their heart rate rising dramatically as they climb. For this reason we strongly recommend that all participants utilise the warm-up area located near the start area to increase their heart rate just prior to climbing.

Participants will be called to the starting area 15 minutes prior to their wave (start) timeClimbers will set off one at a time approximately 20 seconds apart. Walking teams can head off together as a group of 4 and the next team will start 30 seconds later.

Finish Line/Results

The finish line is located on Level 88, Eureka Skydeck.  Timed climbers must run under the finish line arch to register a time. After crossing the finish line, and taking in the view... please clear the immediate area for other climbers coming through and help avoid congestion in the area. Participants should then move towards the lifts and return to the ground floor.

As event participants exit the building, they are encouraged to enjoy the hospitality provided in the event village.

Your climb time will be available to view online at the timing site that will be published on event day.  Alternatively, participants can head to timing desk to find out their climb time.


Family and friends can receive 20% off Skydeck entry tickets during the special early opening hours - valid from 6:45am to 10am, Sun 15 November only.



Registrations for the Eureka Stair Climb can be made on-line by clicking the REGISTER button until Wednesday, 11 November.

Late registrations (after 11 November)
A limited number of entries may be available on the day, unless the event has previously sold out. Late registrations will cost $110, which includes the minimum donation and registration fee. Availability will be updated on this site. Print this form and complete prior to your registration on Event Day.

On-the-day participant replacements
Registration transfers are available on-line up to Wednesday, 11 November via the website using this formAfter this cut-off date you can still transfer your entry at the registration tent on the morning of the event. An extra transfer fee of $10 in addition to the $50 fundraising pledge will be applied. The new climber must present this form filled-in together with the $60 at the registration tent at least 45 minutes prior the original scheduled wave time.




  • On the day donations will be accepted at The Fred Hollows Foundation section of the registration tent. Cash donations can also be made there.

Sight Superstars

  • Those who have qualified as 'Sight Superstars' will be contacted prior to the event with details of their event day rewards.

Change Rooms

  • There are no change room facilities available at the venue, so we suggest that participants arrive ready to climb!


  • Port-a-loos are available outside on ground level near the registration area. Limited restrooms are also located at the finish line on Level 88.


The stairwells will be hot and stuffy so please dress appropriately for the conditions. Whilst participants will be released in staggered starts, there will be some congestion at times. 

Here are some basic guidelines to follow to get the best out of your climb and ensure an enjoyable day for all:

  1. OVERTAKING - Please keep to the inside railing and allow faster climbers to pass you on the outside.
  2. WATER STATIONS - 2 water stations are located within the stairwells and one at the finish line with bottled water (to avoid spills) if you do not have your own or run out. Note: These are NOT to be used to cool down.
  3. BINS – Provided for water bottle disposal at various points during your climb. Please utilize these and dispose of your water bottle thoughtfully so they can be recycled.
  4. REST AREAS - If you are feeling tired please take a rest on a stair landing (not the stairs) and move to the side and out of the way.
  5. STAIR WARDENS – Help is never far should you require assistance with a stair warden and/or a volunteer with a two-way radio located roughly every 8-10 floors.
  6. RACE BIBS - Your race bib must remain on at all times during your climb.
  7. RACE ATTIRE – Backpacks and bags are not permitted within the stairwells (camel packs and BA’s for the fire fighters category are permitted).
  8. AGE - participants must be 12 years or over to participate in the Eureka Stair Climb.

Overall, please:

Be respectful of other climbers - do not push, shove or block other runners. Failure to maintain good sportsmanship will result in disqualification.

Assist other climbers if they require help at any stage!


  • It is very common to experience a cough in stair climbing events. This can set in during or after the climb due to the very deep, more rapid breathing caused by exertion in dry stairwells. This may be alleviated by small sips of water to lubricate the throat.


  • Every participant to reach the finish line will receive a Eureka Stair Climb event day medal.

Event Photos

  • Professional photographers will be located within the stairwells and at the finish line. These photos will be available to view and/or purchase within 24 hours of the event via www.supersportimages.com.

Event Day Food

  • Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Southbank is offering a full buffet breakfast special for $15 to participants until 12:00 noon. Simply present your race bib to receive the discounted price.
  • Snacks are available at the Post Cllimb Refreshments marquee in the Eureka village.
  • Bluetrain restaurant in Southgate Centre are offering climbers a 10% discount on event day - on production of your event bib.


  • Free massage will be available to participants post climb on the ground level near the registration area.


  • Family and friends can receive 20% off Skydeck entry tickets during the special early opening hours - valid from 6:45am to 10am, Sun 15 November only. For entry after 10am, book online and save.

First Aid

First Aid is located in the concourse area, Level 88 and in the stairwells. In case of emergency, volunteers and two-way radios in the stairwell should be utilized to contact first aid.

For any injury requiring first aid or attention during the event we ask that fellow climbers take the following action:

  • Use the two-way radios and follow the instructions provided.
  • If possible, ask a fellow climber to notify nearest Stair Warden and advise them of the location and injury(s) suffered.
  • Reassure the injured person – stay calm and avoid any danger.
  • If necessary, request that another participant warns oncoming participants ie. go 1 floor down and advise oncoming participants.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency in the Eureka Tower, the event will be halted.  You will hear one of two signals and should act accordingly:

Alert signal: “Beep…Beep...Beep” – please stand by and wait for more instructions.

Evacuation signal: “Whoop...Whoop...Whoop” – please remain calm, descend down the stairs in an orderly fashion to the assembly area (near registration marquee).

Assist others if safe to do so and follow directions from event staff.


Travelodge Southbank are the official accommodation partner of the Eureka Stair Climb. Climbers can book direct and save now using this link Book Now to obtain a 15% discount, before 18 Oct, or until sold out. The discount applies between Friday 13 November and Monday 16 November 2020. If booking via the Hotel web-site please use Promo code: EUREKA89

And after your climb, why not head to the Travelodge Hotel Melbourne Southbank’s restaurant for breakfast? A hot breakfast buffet is available to all patrons through to 12 noon on event day. Just show your event bib to receive a delicious buffet breakfast for only $15. 




Parking is available at various local car parking stations including:

Public Transport

Located in the heart of Melbourne, public transport options are plentiful. From Flinders Street Train Station, simply walk five-minutes over the bridge to the other side of the Yarra River. Multiple trams also service the Southbank area, particularly along St Kilda Rd, a short walk away from Eureka (check out Public Transport Victoria for detailed route information). Please note the public transport timetable is reduced on a Sunday.


Perched on Riverside Quay in the Southbank precinct by Melbourne’s Yarra River, the Eureka Tower is an easy walk from the CBD, Flinders St Station, Federation Square and Crown Casino.

Road closures

Riverside Quay will be closed from Cook Street to Southgate Avenue from 5am – 3pm on Sunday 15 November, 2020. Residents requiring access into Cook Street will be permitted.