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To maximise your performance in the Eureka Stair Climb, we recommend preparing for the event through a stair climb training program. 

Stair climb challenges require not only endurance but also mental strength. Two months of training should prepare you for the event. 

How long will it take to complete the event?

  • Elite climber                    10 - 15mins
  • Intermediate level            15 - 30mins
  • First timer                        30mins+

Our friend at Stair Climbing Australia have put together some great training programs to help get you ready for Eureka Stair Climb. Click here, choose your level and download a copy



  • Start your training at least 6 - 8 weeks before event day
  • Train on hills and stairs 
  • Put a pack on for more intense workouts
  • If training on stairs don't run down, but walk to minimise impact on your joints
  • Use the railing (if available).
  • Take the elevator down if you can   
  • Cross training is great - stairs, run, cycle, swim, lift weights...

Remember Eureka Stair Climb involves over 1,600 stairs - so prepare well and to stick to your training schedule!

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