The Virtual Eureka Stair Climb is a fitness challenge that can take place anywhere in Australia at a time and place that suits you! Whether you're at the gym, the beach, the mountains or in an office tower, you can take on this challenge, improve your fitness and well-being all in support of the amazing sight restoration work of The Fred Hollows Foundation.

The Virtual climb is also ideal for people who'd like to take on the Eureka Tower Stair Climb, but can’t make it to Southbank in Melbourne on Sunday 17 November 2019.

Watch the video below for more details.



The official start of the Virtual Eureka Stair Climb is on Thursday 10 October 2019, World Sight Day, however once you have registered, you can start your climb and your fundraising. Whether you'd like to climb every day of the week at work (instead of taking the lift) or take on longer climbs over the weekend, you have until Sunday 17 November 2019 to complete your challenge. 

Leave your limits behind and step up to restore sight. Whether it is climbing the 1,642 steps of  Eureka Tower or climbing to the top of the word - the choice is yours.

Set yourself a realistic goal and time frame to complete it. It does not matter where or when you do it. You could complete your virtual climb during your lunch break, before work, after dropping the kids off for school, on a stepper at the gym or you could climb stairs at the weekend. Once you have reached your inital goal you can alwasy add a new building or mountain to conquer! 

Use our fundraising resources to help with your fundraising challenge or contact us if you have any questions. $25 is all that it takes to restore sight to a needlessly blind person. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share updates of your efforts on social media with #eurekastairclimb.



Registration is FREE!

To earn a Eureka Stair Climb medal, your target must be at least 1,642 stairs, the number of stairs in the Eureka Tower.

For those who would like a more challenging climb, a list of towers including the Eiffel Tower (1,710) in Paris and Burj Khalifa (2,909) in Dubai or even mountains such as Mt Kilimanjaro (38,680) or Mt Everest (58,070) are available to choose from.

Register now and set your stair climb and fundraising targets to help restore sight to needlessly blind people.

Whatever challenge you choose, the most important thing is to embrace the experience, have fun and achieve your own goals.



Tell your friends, work colleagues and family about your challenge to climb to help restore sight!

Ask them to support you by making a donation through your fundraising page. If you need any assistance, we're here help make your fundraising fun and easy.

Join us on Facebook, keep up-to-date about Stair Climbing and connect with other climbers.

Once you have raised the minimum, we will reward you with prizes and incentives to go the extra mile... For example, if you raise $250 you'll earn yourself a limited edition 2019 Eureka Stair Climb t-shirt or singlet to wear throughout your challenge.

Major Prize winners for the Virtual and Live Eureka Stair Climb events will be announced via email on Monday, 18 November and 2019 Eureka Stair Climb medals will be mailed to all Virtual event participants after the event.

For all fundraising tips and ideas, click here or call us on 1800 627 892.



Keep track of your progress throughout the challenge on your personal fundraising page! Your page will display the total number of stairs you've climbed and your progress towards your fundraising goal.

You can log the stairs you have climbed in the following ways:

1. Connect to Strava or Fitbit

If you already use a fitness app, simply connect your account to take part in the challenge.

   To sync your Strava profile, log in to your fundraising page on this website, go to your dashboard page and click the orange 'Strava' button. 

   To sync a FitBit profile, log in to your fundraising page on this website, go to your dashboard page and click the link to connect to 'FitBit' 

2. Use your own GPS or Step Tracking App

Devices such as a Garmin GPS or  apps such as StepJockey or MapMyFitness can help you track your stair climbing progress. You can then add your steps climbed manually to your fundraising page.

3. Don't have a tracker..

If you'd prefer to go 'old school' and just count the stairs that's great as well. Simply log in to your dashboard page, click My Fitness Activity and scroll down to Add Activity. 

To help you keep track offline, you may like to download and use this step recorder form.

Once you have reached your goals, we'll be in touch to celebrate and reward your achievements!