Do I have to pay to enter the Virtual Eureka Stair Climb challenge?

No, entry is free. Anyone over 12 years of age can enter this challenge and step up to restore sight. However, there is a minimum of AUD50 fundraising requirement.

How does the Virtual Eureka Stair Climb challenge work?

After you REGISTER for the Virtual challenge, a personal account is created to track your progress. Work out out how many stairs you can realistically climb at a time over a day, a week or the full 39 days of the challenge, decide your fundraising goal and create your account. 

Do I have to be fit for this challenge?

We recommend you select a climb based on your current activity level. Start with some training climbs before you start the challenge.

Keep a record of the number of stairs taken each day. You can link a personal fitness app such as Strava or Fitbit to your account or manually add your daily steps.

Once you have reached your initial climbing goal, simple update by adding a new target and keep climbing.

Download a Step Record Sheet

Do I have to climb every day?

You can climb any time and any where. The offical Virtual Stair Climb Challenge runs between 10 October, 2019 (World Sight Day) and 12:00 noon on 17 November 2019 (Eureak Stair Climb event day, Melbourne).

You can step up during the week, climb only during the weekends or a mix. You may complete your challenge in one weekend or over several days or weeks.

When you have reached your initial goal you can add a new goal and keep climbing or stop and concentrate on your fundraising challenge.

The choice is yours.

Where can I climb?

Anywhere you can find stairs. Find some stairs close to your home or use the staircases at work instead of the lifts. 

To mix things up or beat the bad weather, simply jump on a stepper in the gym and continue to climb indoors towards your goal.

Make sure you keep a record of your steps and add them to your activity page.

When does the challenge start and finish?

The official Virtual Eureka Stair Climb Challenge starts on World Sight Day, Thursday, 10 October and finishes on Eureka Stair Climb event day, Sunday, 17 November, at 12:00 noon.

You can start your climb prior to 10 October, then climb and finish your personal challenge at any time, however winners of the fundraising and live climbing challenges will be announced on Sunday, 17 November, 2019 at the Eureka Stair Climb Event in Melbourne. All results will be published on Social Media and on this website post event.

Each participant can start fundraising from the moment their page is set-up. If you reach your climbing goal early, simply add a new goal and keep climbing till 17 November.

Some daily climb examples that are achievable in the 39 days of the offical challange (10 October - 17 November) include:

  • Eureka Tower, Melbourne (1,642 steps) - climb an average of 45 steps a day
  • Petronas Towers (2,860 steps), Kuala Lumpur - step up at least 75 times per day
  • Mt Kosciuszko, Top of Australia (2,228m or 14,517 steps) – 375 stairs each day
  • Mt Kilimanjaro, Roof of Africa (5,895m or 38,680 steps) – you need to climb 1,000 steps each day.
  • Mt Everest, Conquer the Top of the World (8,848m or 58,070 steps) - you (or your team) need to step up 1,500 times (80 floors) each day to reach the top of Mt Everest!

Download our Step Calculator here

Do I have to fundraising for this challenge?

Yes, we ask each participant of the Virtual and live Eureka Stair Climb challenges to raise a minimum of AUD50 to help us restore sight to needlessly blind people.

There are over 25 million blind people on this planet who do not have to be and they need our help. 

Imagine the view from the top of Eureka Tower or Mt Kilimanjaro! Think about all those who miss out on this spectacular scenery because they do not have access to basic eye health care or no means to afford a $25 operation to restore their sight.

Does my fundraising make a difference?

Yes, every dollar makes a difference.

Whatever physical challenge you have taken on, each step you take and each dollar your raise makes a difference.

Raise the minimum of AUD50 and you will receive a special Eureka Stair Climb 2019 medal! 

  • Raise AUD250 and you not only help The Foundation train two additional Community Eye Health Workers in Laos, but you'll also receive our special 2019 edition Eureka Stair Climb t’shirt or singlet.
  • Raise AUD500 and go into the draw to win 2 x return Air China Business Class flights to Beijing. For each additional $100 raised you'll earn another entry into the draw. With $500, we can screen 500 additional people in Kenya.
  • Raise AUD1,000 and become a Sight Superstar! You'll receive a special Sight Super Start t-shirt, a copy of Fred Hollows’ biography and you have now six entries in the draw to win 2 x return Air China Business Class tickets to Beijing. Your efforts will help The Foundation train another Eye Doctor in Vietnam who will help restore sight for years to come!

Remember if you reach your goal early, update your stairs and fundraising target and keep going until Sunday, 17 November. Challenge yourself to climb a higher building or a higher mountain and help more needlessly blind people who need our support the most. Your friends will continue supporting you as long as you stay committed to your challenge! For every $100 you raise above $500 you earn yourself an additional entry into the draw to win the two tickets to Beijing.

What happens after I reach my climbing and fundraising goals?

During your entire challenge we will stay in touch with you to support you in your fundraising. Once you achieve your challenge you can either increase your climbing goal or stop. For the winners and final results of the challenges you will have to wait till Sunday, 17 November, when we draw the winner and announce the results of the Eureka Stair Climb Challenge. We will post all results on our Social Media and our website and all winners will be contacted by The Foundation post event.

Can I particpate in the Virtual Stair Climb Challenge and participate in the real Eureka Tower climb in Melbourne at same time?

Yes, you can register for the Virtual Challenge as well as participate in the real Eureka Tower Climb on Sunday, 17 November in Melbourne. 

Please note that you will have to use a different email address to register for two events, alternatively you can give us a call on 1800 627 892 and we will help set up the two challenges for you.